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Heart of Hope Health Urgent Care Clinic

Monday - Friday |  8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Immediate Non-Life Threatening Medical Care

Urgent Care


We here at Heart of Hope Health saw a need for a local urgent care clinic that is willing to see sick patients in person, even during epidemics or pandemics. We stand up for our belief in Healthcare Freedom by not forcing our patients to wear masks or take vaccines. When you walk through our doors you can rest assured that we support you and your healthcare decisions. We desire to provide a warm, welcoming and comforting urgent care clinic that is designed to meet your medical needs and allow you to feel safe during difficult times. We also provide upfront cash based pricing, without insurance interference, specifically designed to allow you maximum healthcare freedom.


Acute head injuries 

Acute abdominal pain 

Acute back pain

Minor musculoskeletal trauma like sprains and fractures 

Irritation and redness to skin 

Ingrown toenail 

Suturing and Laceration repair

Acute fracture (non-displaced)

Back pain or strains


Complex non-plastic lacerations

Falls (from less than 7 feet)

Knee, shoulder, ankle sprains

Wrist, hand sprains

Minor lacerations

Toenail injuries


Abscesses / Skin Infections


Bladder Infections




Ear infections

Ear wax removal

Eye Infections/styes


Influenza (flu)

Insect/bee stings


Sinus infections

Splinter removal


Stomach flu (gastroenteritis)

Strep / sore throat

Swimmer’s ear


IV fluid therapy

Our Services 


Our Urgent Care is located next to our
Direct Primary Care clinic in Hayden. 

8944 N Hess St. Suite B
Hayden ID 83835

Urgent Care Hayden, ID

Urgent Care CDA

Heart of Hope Health CDA

Reach out to us today  in person or by phone. 

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