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Heart of Hope Health

Heart of Hope Health supplements were created by one of the world's premier formulators - Jim Roufs.


He and Duke Johnson, MD have designed these with the exact amount of medical grade raw materials shown in research studies to provide maximum health benefits.

Heart of Hope Health Rumble

Watch the entire Heart of Hope Transition to Prevention series!

White Pills


Manufactured in the USA

Clinically proven ingredients

Made with the highest grade ingredients available


Contains the highest quality ingredients to provide maximum immune support.


Specifically formulated for the viral illnesses of today.

For vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

May replace many immune supplements, saving you $$$.

Taken daily to support a healthy immune response.

Has an antioxidant effect that promotes healthy inflammatory response.

Carries zinc into the cells.

Is the Highest quality available and is absorbed 50x more than average supplements.

Shown in clinical trials to reduce death and hospitalizations from illness.


Boosts glutathione (a powerful antioxidant).

High levels of NAC may disrupt HIV-1 replication.

Pharmaceutical grade in quality & purity.

Shown in clinical trials to reduce death and respiratory problems from viral infections.


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