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Multifunction Cardiogram


Non-Member - $449

Member- $350

Military non-members receive $50 off initial test

Price includes test, interpretation, and 15 minute follow up consultation

Why test?

  • The MCG™ picks up coronary microvascular disease (small vessel disease), a common coronary disease problem for women that has gone undetected by our other commonly used technologies.


  • The MCG™ can distinguish between cardiac chest pain and noncardiac chest pain in a 10-minute test.


  • The MCG™ is a tremendous tool during yearly physical exams as the patient gets a cardiovascular score with each test showing where their cardiovascular disease level is yearly. This allows patients time to adjust their lifestyles, and physicians time to adjust their plans of care


  • The MCG™ test offers patients and physicians "peace of mind" as we finally have a device that can see coronary disease early and late dependably


  • Developing heart failure can be picked up by the MCG™ 8-10 years before it becomes clinically evident

  • Non-Invasive, Chemical Free, Radiation Free, Stress Test Free, Affordable

Is the test safe for me?

  • There are no contraindications to testing

  • This device is FDA approved for patients 14 years or older

  • The MCG™ is a new, innovative EKG machine using artificial intelligence (AI)

  •  The MCG™ won 1st Place in the 2017 American Heart Association's Heart Science Forum Innovative Challenge Award

I want to test. What can I expect?

  • Each limb has an electrode clamped gently around it and one grounding lead on the upper body.

  • Patients lay flat for 10 min or less. If you are unable to lie flat we can make accommodations with a chair.

  • If the provider orders the MCG "STAT" it can be read immediately following the test.

  • If you are scheduled for a routine MCG, we will reschedule a follow up visit within 2-3 weeks to review the interpretation and create a plan of care.

Multifunction Cardiogram MCG
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